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Real Agent Marketing is a full service internet solutions company dedicated to creating user friendly, interactive IDX solutions and websites that increase site traffic, reinforce branding, and strengthen customer loyalty.

We also specialize in website analytics, strategy and website content restructuring for SEO

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IDX Explorer Product Features

Unique online property search unlike anything on the market - with no page reloading

Everything is branded with your photo, logo and colors for a professional look.

Map based search with map based school locations and statistics

Emailed Property Alerts and Saved Searches

Ability to require OR not require contact information before showing school statisitcs, map data and more.

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Real Estate Marketing Solutions

Most potential homebuyers start their search online. If you don't have an effective IDX solution web presence, you're missing out on the 78% of buyers who start their home search on the internet.

Developing a great, lead-generating website doesn't happen overnight. It takes strategy to weave all the elements into a cohesive site--striking design that incorporates your brand, common-sense navigation, unique IDX strategies, and compelling copy. Real Agent Marketing can put the pieces together for you to create a website that works.

Coming up with a solid action plan can become challenging when you have to evaluate what works, what doesn't, and what to maximize to bring the best results.
We believe that to be able to put together a good marketing plan and turn it into an effective strategy it must begin with an evaluation process.

Real Agent Marketing evaluates your existing business and what products you are currently using. We then create a comprehensive marketing plan based on your individual businees needs.

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Website Strategy and Design

After evaluating your web marketing strategy, Real Agent Marketing can help you:

Create a custom website plan that drives lead generation.

Evaluate the continuity and effectiveness of branding in your website.

Analyze keywords and create the appropriate title tags for each individual page.

Create new slogans, content, layouts and response forms as necessary.

Research and develop unique web content specific to your target market.

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Search Engine Optimization involves making your web pages easily comprehendable for the search engine crawlers that are used to identify website theme and relevancy to particular search terms. Google, Yahoo and MSN all have spiders or crawlers that try to determine what your website is all about.

With hundreds of thousands of websites being created every day, ranking high in the search engines can be an overwhelming process. Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of strategies and technical solutions working together to improve your website's placement in search results. Having a presence on the web is not enough. Your customers and potential visitors have to be able to find you online. We design your website with usability in mind, and even offer custom search engine optimization services for our clients who want to increase their position in the search engine rankings.

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